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Friday, December 19, 2014

Was 'The Washington Post' Hacked? (Or Is It Snowing In Hell?)

This "Washington Post" editorial must be investigated! The progressive daily must have been hacked. Well either that or hell has frozen over. Possibly there are pigs flying around in the sky. At issue is an editorial blasting Obama called "Obama gives the Castro regime in Cuba an undeserved bailout." Understand this is not an op-ed but a piece supposedly produced by the editorial board of the newspaper who reveres this President, whose only conservative columnist is a liberal. Heck this paper's mantra is "take my liberty or give me death!"

Not only did it produce an editorial that went against the President's policy, but it went against the progressive line.

The piece begins by explaining that Cuba was nearing collapse, its friends were gone and citizens were growing bolder. This despite the fact the progressive line was the embargo of Cuba wasn't working.

In recent months, the outlook for the Castro regime in Cuba was growing steadily darker. The modest reforms it adopted in recent years to improve abysmal economic conditions had stalled, due to the regime’s refusal to allow Cubans greater freedoms. Worse, the accelerating economic collapse of Venezuela meant that the huge subsidies that have kept the Castros afloat for the past decade were in peril. A growing number of Cubans were demanding basic human rights, such as freedom of speech and assembly.
It goes on to detail the President's actions on Wednesday easing U.S. restrictions on Cuba and warned, "that liberalization will provide Havana with a fresh source of desperately needed hard currency and eliminate U.S. leverage for political reforms."

See what I mean? Marco Rubio must have a hacker on his staff. 
The editorial continued in its criticism of the newspaper's Messiah/President.
Regarding the Alan Gross release the Washington Post added, "While Mr. Obama sought to portray Mr. Gross’s release as unrelated to the spy swap, there can be no question that Cuba’s hard-line intelligence apparatus obtained exactly what it sought when it made Mr. Gross a de facto hostage."

Maybe it was Ted Cruz who hacked in, because the WAPO editorial even said it disagreed with Obama's argument that the embargo was a failure:
In fact, Cuba has been marginalized in the Americas for decades, and the regime has been deprived of financial resources it could have used to spread its malignant influence in the region, as Venezuela has done. That the embargo has not succeeded in destroying communism does not explain why all sanctions should be lifted without any meaningful political concessions by Cuba.
The editorial staff even had the nerve to say this President was snookered in the matter of Cuba's promised prisoner release:
U.S. officials said the regime agreed to release 53 political prisoners and allow more access to the Internet. But Raúl Castro promised four years ago to release all political prisoners, so the White House has purchased the same horse already sold to the Vatican and Spain.
It also argued that past improvements of relations with communist countries have not improved those countries' human rights records, beside Obama doesn't really help people trying to overturn tyranny either.
The administration says its move will transform relations with Latin America, but that is naive. Countries that previously demanded an end to U.S. sanctions on Cuba will not now look to Havana for reforms; instead, they will press the Obama administration not to sanction Venezuela. Mr. Obama says normalizing relations will allow the United States to be more effective in promoting political change in Cuba. That is contrary to U.S. experience with Communist regimes such as Vietnam, where normalization has led to no improvements on human rights in two decades. Moreover, nothing in Mr. Obama’s record of lukewarm and inconstant support for democratic change across the globe can give Ms. Sánchez and her fellow freedom fighters confidence in this promise.
The Vietnam outcome is what the Castros are counting on: a flood of U.S. tourists and business investment that will allow the regime to maintain its totalitarian system indefinitely. Mr. Obama may claim that he has dismantled a 50-year-old failed policy; what he has really done is give a 50-year-old failed regime a new lease on life.
This editorial was an impossibility. "The Washington Post" would never criticize its supreme leader this severely. The paper must have been hacked, there is no other explanation.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Anti-Semite/Hate Monger Naomi Klein Says Climate Skeptics Are Racist

Progressive conspiracy theorist and Anti-Semite Naomi Klein has come up with a new one: People who are skeptical of the climate change hypothesis don't care about climate change because it will only damage countries where people of color live.

Writing in The Nation, Klein says:
What does #BlackLivesMatter, and the unshakable moral principle that it represents, have to do with climate change? Everything. Because we can be quite sure that if wealthy white Americans had been the ones left without food and water for days in a giant sports stadium after Hurricane Katrina, even George W. Bush would have gotten serious about climate change. Similarly, if Australia were at risk of disappearing, and not large parts of Bangladesh, Prime Minister Tony Abbott would be a lot less likely to publicly celebrate the burning of coal as “good for humanity,” as he did on the occasion of the opening of a vast new coal mine. And if my own city of Toronto were being battered, year after year, by historic typhoons demanding mass evacuations, and not Tacloban in the Philippines, we can also be sure that Canada would not have made building tar sands pipelines the centerpiece of its foreign policy.
Among most scientists, even the global-warming believers do not believe Katrina or last year's major typhoon in the Philippines had anything to do with a change in climate.

Klein adds:
If we refuse to speak frankly about the intersection of race and climate change, we can be sure that racism will continue to inform how the governments of industrialized countries respond to this existential crisis. It will manifest in the continued refusal to provide serious climate financing to poor countries so they can protect themselves from heavy weather. It will manifest in the fortressing of wealthy continents as they attempt to lock out the growing numbers of people whose homes will become unlivable.
As of December 1, the Earth hadn't warmed in 18 years and two months. Droughts have not increased, the Antarctic Sea Ice is at record levels and the Arctic ice cap has seen record growth. Global sea ice area has been averaging above normal for the past two years.

Klein is the same writer who has reinvigorated the medieval anti-Semitic blood libel in her unsupported attack against Israel. Instead of the "traditional" using the blood of non-Jews to make matzos, Klein modern version is Israeli Jews make war on the Palestinians so they can sell more weapons.

She claimed in her book The Shock Doctrine  that Israel is run by a vast "military industrial complex that purposely perpetuates war against the Palestinians so they can develop and more importantly sell, new weapons on the worldwide market."

During a 2009 speech in Ramallah Klein claimed all Jews were blood thirsty, [Some Jews] even think we get one get-away-with-genocide-free-card. Klein was also one of the first leaders of the anti-Semitic boycott, divestment and sanctions movement which singles out the Jewish State for supposed offenses while ignoring the real human rights offenses of the Arab Muslim states and the Palestinian terrorists.

Sadly, The Nation allows Klein to peddle her hatred and her lack of science on their pages which proves why the magazine has few readers outside the progressive community.

Military Limiting Religious Freedom of Those Putting Their Lives On The Line To Protect Ours

Reading this article really made me angry, as it should make you.  Our government is looking to limit the religious freedom for the very people who put their lives on the line to protect our religious freedom. 

This piece is written by my friend and radio partner Tami Jackson

It’s hard to believe what is happening to our military. Don’t ask don’t tell was rescinded, long-time DoD high-ranking officers were fired in 2013, and Obama’s drawdown has been broad and dangerous.

In the words of one military wife:
On some level I understood a drawdown was inevitable, but I guess I never expected to be simultaneously worried about a deployment to Afghanistan and a pink slip because my husband’s service is no longer needed.
Last year I wrote “Military Religious Freedom Foundation Wants Air Force Chaplain Gagged,” and received hundreds of comments and emails from Americans who were appalled at the proposed censure of military chaplains.

Our armed forces do dangerous jobs daily which put them in life and death situations. Those down range never know if the last Skype conversation with a wife, son or daughter might be their last. And the DoD wold consider hamstringing the person who can help give spiritual strength and solace?

After all…what is a chaplain?

A chaplain is a clergyman officially attached to a branch of the military, to an institution, or to a family or court. And a clergyman is “a man who is a member of the clergy (pastors or priests) especially in a Christian church.”

In a time when the Islamic State is on the move and killing in a most barbaric way, when Islamic extremism is pandemic, for some unearthly reason the U.S. is reining in chaplains.

I’m not a conspiracy proponent. But what should we think when the U.S President praises Muslim Brotherhood close-knit groups like ISNA, commences an unparalleled drawdown in an era of increased threat to America by Islamic extremists, and seeks to appease and normalize relations with a known tyrannical regime (Cuba)?

And now the news is out that U.S. Army Chaplain (Captain) Joe Lawhorn has been punished by the Army for sharing his personal faith.

From PR Newswire:
On November 20, 2014, Chaplain Lawhorn conducted suicide prevention training as required by Army regulations. During the training, he discussed his own personal struggles and how he used the Bible to successfully combat his depression.

One of the soldiers in attendance complained to an atheist group about Chaplain Lawhorn’s presentation. In response, Army Airborne and Ranger Training Brigade Commander, Colonel David G. Fivecoat, issued Chaplain Lawhorn a Letter of Concern alleging that Chaplain Lawhorn “advocated for . . . Christianity and used Christian scripture and solutions” and therefore violated Army regulations.

Read the rest of this important article by clicking here:

CBS Poll: Fewer Americans Find Healthcare Affordable (Thank You Obamacare)

Like a cancer Obamacare, the President's signature legislation has been metastasizing throughout Americas healthcare system ever since it was passed in March 2013. As it intrudes into our lifestyle this bill strangles every promise made to help it pass. The promise transferred to the political mortuary is that healthcare will be more affordable. According to a new CBS News poll more Americans feel burdened by their healthcare costs than ever before.
Fifty-two percent of Americans say they find basic medical care affordable, but that's down from 61 percent last December. Today, for 46 percent of Americans, paying for medical care is a hardship, up 10 points.

Similarly, just over half of Americans are at least somewhat satisfied with their health care costs, while 43 percent are dissatisfied.

Americans are feeling the cost of their health care. Fifty-two percent say the amount of money they pay for out-of-pocket health care costs -- those not covered by insurance -- has gone up over the past few years, including a third who say those costs have gone up a lot.
To be fair most of the people believe that costs are going up because they believe they are getting more expensive treatment as opposed to inflation, however unless they knew the price of the treatment before, they really have no idea whether or not it's true.

Americans' satisfaction with their healthcare is deteriorating. In Dec. 2013 just before their new Obamacare plans kicked in 81% of of the country were very or somewhat satisfied with the quality of their healthcare a year later that number fell to 69%. Today over a quarter of Americans (27%)  are somewhat or very dissatisfied with the quality of their healthcare a jump of 13% from last years number.

As far as the Obamacare bill itself, although the bill remains unpopular, more Americans approve of the bill today than did last November, although the approval has has declined significantly in the past three months.

In 2009 and 2010 the progressives told America that the Affordable Care Act would reduce their healthcare financial burden and increase the quality of their care. According to this poll Americans aren't feeling those promises are being kept.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

What Barack Obama Doesn't Understand About Hanukkah That George W. Bush Understood

Wednesday, for the sixth time since taking office, President Obama released a Hanukkah message that distorted the story of the holiday and served his anti-Israel policy. In his message, Obama left out the most essential part of the Maccabees victory: the recapture of Jerusalem and the re-dedication of the Holy Temple atop what is now known as the Temple Mount, a fact he's omitted every year of his presidency, and something his predecessor George Bush mentioned in each of his Hanukkah messages.

The liberation of Jerusalem and the cleansing of the Temple from the Hellenistic idols and rituals is a most important part of the Hanukkah story. In fact, the meaning of the name of the holiday in Hebrew translates to the word "dedication" in English. A fact that, unlike his predecessor, President Obama ignores in his presidential Hanukkah statements:
Statement by the President on Hanukkah

Over the eight nights of Hanukkah, Jews across America, Israel, and the world will remember an ancient triumph of freedom over oppression, and renew their faith in the possibility of miracles large and small.

Even in the darkest, shortest days of winter, the Festival of Lights brims with possibility and hope. The courage of the Maccabees reminds us that we too can overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. The candles of the Menorah remind us that even the smallest light has the power to shine through the darkness. And the miracle at the heart of Hanukkah – the oil that lasted for eight nights instead of only one – reminds us that even when the future is uncertain, our best days are yet to come.

May this Hanukkah embolden us to do what is right, shine a light on the miracles we enjoy, and kindle in all of us the desire to share those miracles with others. From my family to yours, Chag Sameach.
Now here was George W. Bush's Chanukah Message in 2008:
Presidential Message: Hanukkah 2007

I send greetings to all those celebrating Hanukkah, the festival of lights.

Hanukkah commemorates a victory for freedom and the courage and faith that made it possible. More than 2,000 years ago, the land of ancient Israel was conquered, its sacred Temple was desecrated, and the Jewish people were forbidden to practice their faith. A patriot named Judah Maccabee and his followers rose up against their oppressors to take back Jerusalem. When the Maccabees returned to reclaim and purify their Holy Temple, the oil used for dedication should have lasted only one day but burned for eight. Every year since then, Jews have celebrated this victory of light over darkness and given thanks for the presence of a just and loving God.

As Jewish Americans prepare to light the Hanukkah candles, we are reminded of the many blessings in our lives. The candles' glow has the power to lift our souls, put hope in our hearts, and make our Nation a more compassionate and peaceful place. We pray that those who still live in the darkness of tyranny will someday see the light of freedom, and we ask for God's continued guidance and boundless love and His protection of all those in need during this holiday season.

Laura and I wish all people of the Jewish faith a Happy Hanukkah.

George W. Bush
In 1995 Congress passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act endorsing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and requiring the US Embassy to move to Jerusalem. But Congress gave the executive branch an out, every six months the State Department/President can request and receive an automatic waiver. A waiver that President Bill Clinton issued to congress every six months as required.

President Bush continued the policy every six months, but in Bush’s case he inserted into the legal jargon a sentence stating, “My Administration remains committed to beginning the process of moving our embassy to Jerusalem.” The phrase appeared in all 16 Bush waiver notifications. The Obama administration removed that phrase from their waiver requests.

This Obama omission is important beyond just the Hanukkah story. Jerusalem, wrote historian Martin Gilbert, "is not a ‘mere’ city. It holds the central spiritual and physical place in the history of the Jews as a people.” This President's policy is to ignore any ties between Jerusalem and the Jewish people and his holiday message is just one ways he displays his policy.

It's time for President Obama to skip distributing a Hanukkah message at all, it's preferable to insulting the Jewish people with his politically-driven distortion of the holiday.